Become a Website Reseller

How would you like to add another income to your revenue stream?  What if I told you, you wouldn't have to do much work either to make solid affiliate revenue?
Would you believe me?
Maybe, you wouldn't.  Why, because usually when it sounds to good, it normally is.

But, not in this case.  Of course you will have to do some work, like give some people the discount coupon code so you earn when they buy a website from me, but that's about it.

Each coupon discount code is assigned 100% to you through the members area.

You could do this part time or full time and earn commissions starting at $150,,yes, that's 15% commission for a $1000 website.

Now, if they order a cutom site for say 3 GRAND then you earn $450, now that's a nice some of a cash right?   It's, also very doable.


Because you will not only earn fantastic affiliate revenue but you will also receive free training from the owner Marty Ware who lives and breathes web design, seo and online marketing.

Yes, it's actually me Marty writing this article right now and I love to help others succeed in life online and off.

I would love to help you too, so please click on the link provided and add that extra income revenue stream today.

Click here to Visit The BlitzBiz Leads website now.

You can also access Marty's  (MY) phone number and call me direct

See you there!

To Your Ultimate Success

Marty Ware


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