Saturday, June 1, 2013

Global Hangout Compensation Plan for all.

Below is the transcribe from the owners Joel Putland and his YouTube video!

Global Hangout Compensation Plan for all. as promised.

 let's go over the compensation plan with global hang out your first level is simply called an affiliate estimated figure one time ninety nine dollar entry fee you are in Global Hangout filia and in this silly it can earn up to three thousand dollars per week which is twelve thousand dollars per month net, was really helped most everyone in this particular economy i think you'll agree now what you need to do to really activate your position is sponsor one person on the left Global Hangout Compensation Plan personally that means they can answer your i_d_ number and one on the right personally.

 Okay now your activated ready to get paid not a way to get paid is to bring in a third person and when you bring in a third person in Global Hangout you will karen one hundred dollars okay great stuff every time you bring in three people you're paid one hundred dollars that covers your entry fee and you never have to pay anything else to global hang out again that to me is super powerful Global Hangout now that max is out at three thousand a week at the affiliate level you can earn up to three thousand dollars per week.
Let's talk about the next level which is the team builder bonus it's the next way to get paid whenever you or someone on your team sponsors to people on their left and two people on their right you'll turn eight twenty dollar bonus ok now these might be people you don't know these might be people that came in from above you or come in from below you in any case its goes to infinity Global Hangout.
 Compensation Plan on either lag the right leg or the left leg and like i say you won't probably know these people you can earn twenty dollars every time someone does this which will actually be one hundred twenty dollars if you did it yourself right if you do it yourself you're getting the twenty-first cycling with to into and with three people you're making a hundred she making one twenty every time you put two people on your left into people on your right that awesome now on the right leg as you can see here I've added a few more people because we Global Hangout Compensation Plan one label may grow faster than the other depending on which side we put you on and we want to keep up keep those even the whole thing can go to an infinity so think about justice bonus itself you'll be sponsoring people into fifty countries will be open and surely broken and thirty-seven already or adding new countries everyday so by the time you're watching this it could be up to seventy countries it just depends on the time you're watching us but imagine people in Spain Italy France and Germany south africa were ever they are they get excited about this they talk to people on the left two people on the right you're getting paid around the globe from people Global Hangout don't even know and probably will never even me let's talk about match pay for a moment here we have uh... executive team builders and here's how it works you are in Global Hangout Compensation Plan two hundred dollars for four weeks in a row and you'll become an executive team now this is cool executive team builders can turn the twenty dollars cycle obviously but now you are in ten percent of everyone on your team that goes through a cycle and what is a cycle let's remember what the cycle is Global Hangout it's when someone sponsors to people on the left anti people on the right anywhere on your Global Hangout Compensation Plan team you're on the twenty dollar cycle bonus in urine ten percent of everyone who cycles okay you max out at this level at six thousand dollars per week now we're talking about some serious money you're talking about twenty four thousand a month this is pretty nice money for most people even the top network urs in the world this is exciting and there's not a lot you have to do here in two hundred dollars for four weeks in a row you become an executive team builder now you're starting to get percentages of people on your team this is where people make full-time income and really never have to look back let's talk about the master team builder now the way a master team builder becomes a master two nd others you have to create three executive team builders and what are the executive team builders these are people Global Hangout who have earned two hundred dollars for four weeks in a row so that's pretty easy to understand i said just follow along and by the way you can certainly rewind to watch it again but Global Hangout Compensation Plan i'm just going for it quickly so we can get to the end here but i want you to know that you can watch this over and over again i have a separate video with just this compensation on it so you won't have to watch entire video again amassed a team builder earns the twenty dollar cycle bonus now that stays at every level you always and that twenty dollars cycle bonus and the master team builder within twenty percent of everyone who cycles throughout their organizations and it doesn't matter where it is and at this level master team builder you max out at eighteen thousand dollars per week now remember what the cycle is it's when someone sponsors to on the left two on the right by keeps saying that because i wanted to know kinda getting grains in Global Hangout Compensation Plan you know is right on your hand her right on your forehead that's not that hard to do to people on your left to people on your right who come in for a one-time ninety nine dollar fee they never have to pay out another dollar global hangout and they can build an organization around the world so i hope you're getting that because i can i can even sleep right now i'm telling you this is amazing what's gonna happen here and we're just started we've just launched there so few people even in this thing are you people even you know about it right let's talk about the global team builder because this is where you set for free Global Hangout ra set free haitian say for the rest your life you need three mast routine builders your earned a twenty dollar cycle bonus annular and thirty percent of everyone who cycles okay this is pretty exciting it's really ten percent on the executive team and twenty percent on the master teams so it's a total of thirty percent you also agree d receive an additional five dollars for every cycle deal though you and you can max this compensation level out at thirty six thousand dollars per week Global Hangout let's talk about how you maintain it how it works for you how you can make this happen right away likely going to get a full internet marketing automated three-step success system in fact you probably signed into one of those pages to get to this point unless you're looking at the independent compensation plan and somebody sent that to you without you having to sign and which is fine the only requirement to continue to grow your global hangup business is for you to personally sponsor two people Global Hangout every ninety days that should be easily done four anyone Global Hangout Compensation Plan

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